Mitochondrial and Plastid Types of Potato  

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The Different Chondriome Types: as probed with " rps14", "coxI" and "rpl2" in comparison to their cp type. The autoradiographs show that potato mt genomes can be categorized into at least 5 types: Mt Type a, b, g, d and e; (Std: Standard Lambda DNA, cut with Hind III). Hybridizations  were performed with Blots of EcoRI cut DNA of different mt types, ´rpl2´ was hybridized with a HindIII-Blot. Plastid types (View Map) were labelled ´W´, ´T´ and ´S´ according to Hosaka and Hannemann (1988). They were determined by probing BamHI cut DNA with total cpDNA. 
Hosaka K, Hannemann RE (1988): The origin of the cultivated tetraploid potato based on chloroplast DNA. Theor. Appl. Genet. 76: 172-176 

Mitochondrial Reconfiguration Type R1 and R2 

Amplification of Substoichiometric Mt DNA Copies


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Abstract of Molecular Analysis

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