Novel Genome Combinations in Somatic Hybrids of Potato 
- By the Use of The Analytic Synthetic Breeding Scheme:

The production of symmetric hybrids by protoplast fusion is a useful tool in breeding vegetatively propagated crops. Particularly in potato the technique is accepted by the breeding industry.  Somatic hybridization has been used to combine different valuable traits whilst maintaining a high level of heterozygosity and also to overcome fertility barriers, based on the analytical synthetic breeding scheme proposed by Wenzel et al. (1979). In contrast to sexual combinations in somatic fusion the genetic information of the cytoplasms is biparentally inherited. Therefore it is relevant to investigate the new genetic configurations of the plasmones and the interaction with the genome of different hybrids generated within a hybrid population of a single fusion experiment. 
Wenzel G, Schieder O, Prezewzny T, Sopory SK, Melchers G (1979) 
Comparison of single-cell-culture derived Solanum tuberosum L. plants and 
a model for their application in breeding programs. 
Theor. Appl. Genet. 55: 49-55

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