Plant Cytoplasm: Biotechnology and Breeding 
Various Configurations of Cytoplasm (mitochondria and plastids) analyzed with specific molecular markers on cytoplasmic transcription and protein expression level.
Field experiments revealed cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) for Gamma Cytoplasm.
Usage of RFLP and PCR markers, cDNA arrays & in organello translation.
A dendrogram of cytoplasmic genetic distance for Breeding Purposes.
Detect substoichiometric recombinations in organelles genomes of somatic hybrids from protoplast fusion.
Look for RFLP and PCR markers for CMS / Cytoplasmic male sterility as shown in field trials.

Andreas Lössl
Cytoplasm Genome Research
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Menue Cytoplasm > Mitochondria
Partial addition of mitochondrial genomes
Cytoplasmic & Mitochondrial RFLPs
Abstract of Cytoplasm field experiments
Cytoplasm & Fusion Combining Ability and Cytoplasm
Abstract of Cytoplasm & Mitochondrial Type Characterization
Analytic- Synthetic Breeding Scheme
Irregular Amplification within Mitochondrial genome areas
Cytoplasma in Fusionshybriden -Deutsch
Plastid Genome RFLP map
Experimental Designs for evaluation of cytoplasm & Mitochondrial influence
Genetical Distances between Cytoplasms & Mitochondria by Dendrogram
Diskussion Cytoplasmatische & Mitochondriale Effekte
Menue of Cytoplasm & Mitochondrial effects
Cytoplasma Recombinationen in somatischen Hybriden
Cytoplasma & Mitochondria Charakterisierung in Solanum
Ergebnisse- Cytoplasma & Mitochondria in somatischen Hybriden
Fusion Populations tested in the field
in organello translation in & Mitochondria of Solanum Fusion hybrids
Distribution of Cytoplasmic & Mitochondrial Types
Literature on electrofusion & mitochondrial recombination
Partial Addition of Parental subgenomes of cytoplasm & Mitochondria
Material & Methods
Mitochondria Alpha to Kappa
Cytoplasms RFLP Patterns
Difference between Mitochondria on DNA RNA, Protein and field
Nuclear Genome Deviations in somatic hybrids
Overview on Analysis of Various Cytoplasms
PCR Primers for Cytoplasm & Mitochondrial Differentiation
Publications on cytoplasm & Mitochondria
Sequences of Probes for Mitochondrial Differentiation
Cytoplasm & Mitochondrial Types in Cultivars
Strategies How to reach the cytoplasm
Schematic Model of Mitochondrial Rearrangements
Results on Somatic Hybrids
Diagnosis of Cytoplasm male sterility
Plant Breeders

cytoplasmic male sterility in Helianthus annuus & petiolaris

RFLP Probes for Cytoplasm & Mitochondrial Differentiation
Various Cytoplasms and Mitochondria
Sequences of polymorphic mitochondrial probes
Markers for Cytoplasm male sterility
Mitochondria & cytoplasmic male sterility in sunflower